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His Eye Is On The Sparrow Banquet Theme Empty His Eye Is On The Sparrow Banquet Theme

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Birdhouses (You can have someone in your church make these. You can use these as the door prizes) Terra cotta pot turned upside down, with a size larger water basin sitting on the top to form a birdbath. Hot glue bird on the side. Put a paper napkin in it and mound it with your rolls or muffins. Put one on either side of the birdhouse. Birdhouse napkins.
I used pink linen paper to make my programs. Fold in half and stamp with a birdhouse stamp. We colored with colored pencils and cut the front flap only with decorative scissors. Program was inside.
I just put bird seed in a round of netting, tied it with a bow that had a card with the ribbon slipped through a hole punch that said M/D banquet, church information, etc, etc, etc.
Sample Menu:
We did a lunch with muffins, and two soups, and dessert salads for desserts. Our guys served. I never do a covered dish.
"His Eye Is On the Sparrow"
I played a tape of birds singing while we were eating. It was neat. I had a tape player hidden behind a fiscus tree with birds in the branches.

A friend of mine wrote this poem!

Matthew 10:29-31
BeckyBourque 23 Feb. 01

His eye is on the sparrow; He sees them when they fall.
Jesus watches over me. So, on Him I can call.
I need not look around me, the circumstance I’m in.
To fret and worry on them, the Bible says is sin.
Since every hair is numbered, He watches over me,
Then I shan’t look at problems, but Jesus I shall see.
Thank you, Lord, for promises; for all your loving care.
Even when the sparrow falls I know that you are there.


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