Grandmother's Raising Grandchildren Creed

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Grandmother's Raising Grandchildren Creed

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:58 pm

I will do my best to stand in the gap as a responsible parent until which time the natural parents become responsible.
I will create a stable environment so that my grandchild will feel safe.
I will use experience and wisdom making fewer mistakes than with my own children.
I will not allow others to dictate to me or influence my decisions, my direction will come from God.
I will keep my emotions in check for my joy will come from the Lord.
I will instill in my grandchild that she is not alone and that I stand by her and stand up for her in all situations; but also to let her accept responsibility for her own actions.
I will not try to be mother or father to her, always recognizing the void she feels, and I will try to fill that gap between her and her parents.
I will teach her of God's unfailing love and how He made her unique and special, especially to let her live with me.
I will be the Godly parent God has commissioned me to be and realize that that is the most precious gift I can give her.
My labor of love is unconditional and sacrificial, but my rewards are great when I hear her laughter and her song.
Everyday I will hug her with a big genuine embrace and I will say that I love her even after I see in her eyes that she already knows that.
I will comfort her when she hurts and cry with her when the things of this world confound and confuse her.


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